State leaders pay tribute to fallen veterans in Amsterdam

One local community came together to honor those who have fallen in a very special ceremony with state leaders in attendance.

It was a day filled with singing, praying and remembering those who served honorably and didn’t return.

Guest speaker Representative Jack Cera noted how important it is for small communities like Amsterdam to take time this weekend and understand the true meaning of Memorial Day.

“We’ve sent hundreds of thousands of men and women off to fight in all the wars over the years and it’s great that we still honor those who didn’t come back,” Cera said.

Ohio Senator Lou Gentile asked that patriots and leaders do more to pay tribute to those who died, and also to those who are fortunate to make it back.

“I always say try to remember those who have died, try to comfort those who lost loved ones and thank those who are still serving today so that’s what we’re trying to still do here in the valley,” Gentile said.

The Edison High School marching band, the VFW Post 232 and the Women’s Auxiliary 232 were all a part of the ceremony.