Ohio democratic senators lay out agenda for 2016

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) Ohio’s democratic senators lay out their agenda for and goals 2016.

State Senator, Lou Gentile, says that several of the initiatives are focused on building the middle class up and improving wages.

They also want to work on college affordability.

A third large goal is to invest money in water and sewer projects around the state, which Gentile says will incentivize job creation.

“A bill that would issue money for building of water and sewer systems around the state. We’re watching what’s happening in northeast Ohio with the lead contamination. We know that here in southeast Ohio the demands we¬†have with our infrastructure, with our aging infrastructure with water and sewer. Which, I think it does two things. One, it certainly attracts job growth and job retention and also would improve water quality, which has been a major issue here in Ohio and in other states around the country,” says Gentile.

Gentile also says that the senators are working on the State Capital Bill to allow for capital improvement projects.