Mural honors veterans

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“I believe the mural represents the gratitude of Toronto. And the gratitude it has toward the men and women that served this nation.”

The City of Toronto unveiled a new mural Friday night at the corner of 3rd and Market streets.

It depicts the service of veterans and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The mural was created by the Toronto Beautification Committee in collaboration with Post 86.

A large crowd came out to see it and to take part in the dedication ceremony.

But this wasn’t the only time veterans have felt support from the Toronto community.

“They support us 100 percent, and we give back as much as we can back into the community. And this is our appreciation, right over here,” Dave Rhodes said.

The mural took only two weeks to paint. Members of post 86 and other community members pitched ideas for what it should include.

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Together they have formed a memorable display.

“It’s a wonderful tribute, and really the recognition is very deserving of the local organizations, the city, the Post 86 coming together and really just honoring the memory of our veterans,” said Ohio State Senator Lou Gentile.

As for the Toronto Beautification Committee, they can be satisfied with a new mural embraced by the community.

“We put in a lot of work in town. I hope people appreciate it,” said Doris Matyas, president of the Toronto Beautification Committee.

This is the second mural of its kind to be painted in Toronto and work is already being done to begin a third.