Lou Gentile discusses 2016

By Kendall Forward, WTOV News 9

STEUBENVILLE, OH — Senator Lou Gentile paid a visit to News 9 to discuss his plans and hopes for the upcoming legislative year. He says he’s “very optimistic.” He looks back on some of the projects announced; “the possibility of an ethane cracker plant in Belmont County and in Carrol County with Carrol county electric. You look at the development of University Blvd.” They’re just some of a number of encouraging project announcements and groundbreakings.

Gentile represents the 30th district which incorporates 10 counties, and is geographically the biggest in the state. Of his district he says, “one of the thing that unifies the region is the need to create good paying jobs.” He adds, there is still a lot of work to continue. This year he’s focused on scholarships for students perusing energy jobs, and job creation. He mentioned his November tour of Hannibal Industrial in Monroe county to view it’s transition to a commerce par; ” I think we can replicate that throughout the region as a way to start bringing in good paying jobs.” And he’s also working on Senate Bill 18, to put veterans to work. He says it will incentivize, “small businesses to hire veterans to enhancing our economic development structure.”