Labor Day 2016

Many of us will spend this Labor Day holiday with friends and family, enjoying the final days of summer and relaxing with a day off work. But, for generations of American workers who built this country, days off, a safe work environment, and a fair wage were far from guaranteed. For some, this is still reality.


Today is an opportunity to remember workers who came before us and fought for their piece of the American Dream. It is a day to remember the sacrifices made by all workers – past and present – and pay tribute to the men and women who are a main source of our country’s strength and freedom.

As long as I serve in public office, I will continue to stand with workers. In 2011, I strongly opposed Senate Bill 5, and fought alongside workers to repeal that dangerous law. Today, I renew my commitment to working families and will continue to fight for their safety, security, and futures in Eastern Ohio.

– Lou