‘Columbus to Classroom Tour’ makes stop at Buckeye Local

Ohio Senators Joe Schiavoni and Lou Gentile were at Buckeye Local on Friday morning as part of their Columbus to the Classroom Tour.

The senators are traveling around the state, talking to teachers and students to get their input on how laws are affecting them in the classroom. Buckeye Local was the 9th stop thus.

“It’s about listening,” Gentile said. “It’s about hearing the people that are involved in education every day and making sure when policy is made at the state house, we’re taking into consideration those concerns being heard here.”

“We’re not just talking off paper, not just talking off talking points, we’re dealing with real people real issues, facing education problems we’re trying to solve,” Schiavoni said.

The conversation at Buckeye Local quickly turned to one point of concern.

“They talked a lot about standardized testing and the pressures they feel from overtesting,” Schiavoni said. “It’s something I think stresses out the kids it stresses out the teachers.”

Parents and educators at the meeting voiced concerns that the push for standardized tests takes away their creativity and the love of learning.

Some other topics brought up were: technology issues, school funding inequalities, and the effects of open enrollment and charter schools.